Natural Health Remedies: An A-Z handbook with natural treatments

Finding a natural health reference book written from a Christian perspective can be a challenge -until now. Janet Maccaro presents a "self-care manual' of remedies for conditions from acne to zoonosis, and she shows readers the healthiest foods, herbs, vitamins, and minerals for good health.She fills the toolbox for good health with helpful tips about: Detoxification Baths for purification Sugar sabotage Green superfoods Water wisdom Antioxidants Juicing Top ten life-enhancing supplements Probiotics:gastrointestinal defenders Natural antibiotics Focus on fats Enzymes for improved immune function "It is my prayer that this book will replace fear with fact, hopelessness with healing, and despair with renewal!"  Maccaro's recommendations are easily obtained, and they work!  It's time to empower, restore, strengthen, and heal.

Amazon Sales Rank: #247168 in Books Published on: 2005-12-14 Original language: English Number of items: 1 Binding: Paperback 272 pages

From Publishers Weekly In recent years, some evangelical Christians have abandoned their traditional suspicions of "alternative medicine" and begun to cautiously embrace the natural arts of holistic medicine, vitamin therapy and even yoga. This A to Z guide urges readers to "take advantage of all that God has provided" in the way of natural remedies such as herbs, vitamins, minerals and water. (Water is definitely the hero of this book. One section even recommends drinking an ounce for every pound of body weight a day during "detox" periods.) Unlike such books as "Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook" or "What Would Jesus Eat?" this one does not weave a Christian perspective throughout, but mentions it very briefly at the beginning and tacks on a Scripture verse. The how-to advice is similar to those other books, however, particularly regarding the need for a high-fiber, low-sugar diet. One especially helpful feature of the book is its quick-reference guide to ailments ranging from acne to zoonosis. (Yeah, we didn't know that one either. Basically, it means you got a disease from an animal.) Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc. About the Author Janet Maccaro, PhD, CNC, is a respected lecturer, author, and radio/television personality. She has doctorates in nutrition and natural healing and is also a leading expert in natural progesterone supplementation. She is internationally recognized for her knowledge in women’s heath. Maccaro is a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Dr. Maccaro has written three other books: 90-Day Immune System Makeover, Breaking the Grip of Dangerous Emotions, and Midlife Meltdown.

The best customer reviews 88 of 89 people found this review helpful. Natural Health personified! For a client after the hearing, Dr. Janet Maccaro on a talk show, could not wait for his book of natural medicine. It has been my belief for years, if you can do naturally, which is the way to go first. This "user friendly" book encourages the reader to get their bodies back on track naturally. The author is a Christian and believe that we should seek God as the source of all healing and has delivered all the "herb of the field" as a support for the health of our bodies. An important category for me, given the times we all, it's like our mind and spirit effects on our health. Flower Power for emotional health is a miracle for those suffering from anxiety, worry, irrational thoughts, lack of confidence, discouragement, etc. No other book like this does! Also covered will include: building and operation of the system Immmune; Top Ten Nutritional improve life; natural healing protocols, anti-aging and losing themselves and 'really a book from A to Z! A week after reading this book, and some of the proposed undertaking, I was really impressed with the difference. My health food store is now recommending this book. This is a book everyone should read! 62 out of 65 people found this review helpful. Finally a book of herbal remedies without the New Age hype! By Kathryn Pless I saw Dr. Maccario on a talk show on TV and here to be very personable. His book is a great resource for information and redmedies. I was looking for a book of natural healing, but many of them have so much New Age spirituality, I could not buy them. This book will provide funding for ground and uplifiting veiwpoints Christian. I found it very refreshing and enlightening. 10 of 10 people found this review helpful natural medicines R. Allamon I think this is an excellent tool to have in your home for the ongoing evaluation of different health problems and natural (herbs and vitamins) methods of treatment. As a Christian, I appreciated the references to prayer and the Bible. See all 14 reviews ....