Natural Health Bible: From the Most Trusted Source in Health Information, Here is Your A-Z Guide to Over 200 Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements

Did you know that there are safe and effective natural treatments for many of today's most common health conditions? Recent scientific studies suggest that many herbs, vitamins, and supplements not only may promote better health but may also be powerful weapons in the battle against specific diseases. With The Natural Pharmacist: Natural Health Bible, you'll discover what the therapeutic wonders of natural medicine can do for you. Inside, you'll have at your fingertips the latest research on the effectiveness of themost popular herbs, vitamins, and supplements. Every claim has been rigorously reviewed for accuracy by a medical doctor and a professor of pharmacology. You'll learn what works^Wand what doesn't.

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Review Which Herbs and Supplements Are Right for You? -- Review About the Author About the Editors Steven Bratman, M.D., medical director of Prima Health, has many years of experience in the alternative medicine field. A graduate of the University of California at Davis, Medical School, he has also trained in herbology, nutrition, Chinese medicine, and other alternative therapies, and has worked closely with a wide variety of alternative practitioners. He is the author of The Natural Pharmacist: Clinical Evaluation of Medicinal Herbs and Other Therapeutic Natural Substances,The Natural Pharmacist: St. John's Wort and Depression, and The Alternative Medicine Ratings Guide. David J. Kroll Ph.D., is a professor of pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy and a consultant for pharmacists, physicians, and alternative practitioners on the indications and cautions for herbal medicine use. A graduate of both the University of Florida and the Philadelp hia College of Pharmacy and Science, Dr. Kroll has lectured widely and has publi shed articles in a number of medical journals, abstracts, and newsletters.

Most helpful customer reviews 12 of 13 people found this review helpful. Find out what does the medical research on natural remedies. Angela Pfaffenberger This book is a must for anyone into alternative health care providers and patients are interested. Bratman, a physician with extensive experience in the field of holistic medicine, reported on the results of medical research on the effectiveness of dietary supplements and herbs. The presentation style is unbiased, or criticism or recommend alternative treatments. Much is on European research with double-blind studies. Bratman contains essential information such as the dose needed to achieve the desired results and possible interactions with other drugs. This book is a much needed departure from unfounded accusations and information overload that consumers are sujected in health food stores. 9 of 10 people found this review helpful. A herbal reference based on science Linda Zarei One of the reasons why I like this book is that it is based on science, not opinion, anecdote and conventional wisdom when patients ask what kind of herbs would be best to use for a specific disorder, is book in a format that makes it easy for me to quickly look up the license and then it lists important natural treatments. Scientific evidence is then presented to the most important natural treatments to justify. It is a book that I take every time I work at the pharmacy and my patients appreciate concise answers that can be supported scientifically.The price of the book is also a plus and makes it even more attractive. 6 of 6 people found this review helpful. It really is the bible for Natural Health! By Marc T. Hanson If you are looking for a reference book to tell what's popular and less popular herbs such as herbs, vitamins and supplements or do not - this is a book you should have in your library. As the Guru to the locality of Alternative Medicine and an author Lifetipscom HealthCare ( &, I always refer to this wonderful book to guide me in my quest to share tips with my readers - tips that are supported information from the fantastic book, including safety issues, warnings, interaction and scientific evidence that supports the dignity or indignity of a particular herb or supplement. If you buy a health book, this should be what you choose. See all 10 customer reviews ....