Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-to-Z Guide to Supplements

A convenient, pocket-sized guide to today’s most effective dietary supplements. Prescription for Nutritional Healing: The A-to-Z Guide to Supplements draws on America’s number-one bestselling guide to natural health, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, to present authoritative information about some 350 of the most important dietary supplements available today, in a handy, redesigned format. Newly revised and expanded, it details how these supplements work, how to use them, and what to look for when choosing them. This revised edition incorporates the latest medical information, including updated dosage recommendations, as well as current information about vitamin E and vitamin B12. Here is a straightforward, easy-to use guide to vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, herbs, and more.

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About the Author Phyllis A. Balch, CNC, was a leading nutritional counselor and advocate of natural therapies for more than two decades and spent more than twenty-five years researching natural approaches to health and healing.

Customer Reviews more useful 47 of 47 people found the following review helpful. Complete reference by Pieter This handy guide provides general information on a wide range of food supplements, where cutting-edge discoveries in nutrition and supplementation. This updated edition contains new information about herbs and supplements like MSM, IP6, colostrum, olive leaf extract and noticed palmetto.In Chapter One: Diet, Nutrition and Welfare, the author provides the basics of nutrition, of the four basic nutrients for micronutrients as well as guidelines for the selection and preparation of food. This section contains an interesting article about phytochemicals (biologically active substances in plants that give them their color and flavor). The chapters that follow provide an overview of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and water, to explain their function in the body and then a detailed discussion of individual vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This chapter describes various types of water, as tap water, well, bottled, sparkling wine, distilled and natural spring waterThe chapter on antioxidants and covers a wide spectrum of substances of alpha-lipoic acid, zinc. The next chapter deals with the enzymes, their role in the body and how they interact with food. This contains a list of supplements available in stores digestive enzymes.Natural be discussed in detail by acidophilus yeast, this section contains entries on the same, phosphatidylserine, MSM, melatonin, glucosamine, DHEA, CoQ10, colloidal silver, creatine, and pregnenolone, which provides latest information.The final chapter is devoted to herbs, including essential oils, extracts, teas, tinctures and wines. Here you can find information about something Acerola to Yucca, is divided into several parts of the plant used is the content in phytochemicals and nutrients, their actions, uses and new observations about the plant.T Valuable and useful guide concludes with a comprehensive index is another excellent guide supplements Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible. For a more thorough healing nutrition, I recommend James and prescribes a comprehensive work for Nutritional Healing Phyllis Balch. 25 of 26 people found this review helpful. Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Joseph S. Joseph S. Maresca Maresca This work is a higher version of the specific modalities whichrelates vitamins and nutrients to the beauty of the specific disease processes.The work is that the specific doses are quoted indaily milligrams or international units. Nutrients are classified as essential for substantial assistance. Not good coverageof various antioxidants, ie, A-ACES Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and the book provides detailed recommendations and helpfulconsiderations SeleniumThe in virtually every disease process. The authorprovides a list of health and medical organizations throughoutthe United States, as well as a list of manufacturers anddistributors important vitamins, minerals and other books supplementsThis is a good supplement to your diet with vitamin andnutrient existing. In addition, it is a good literature sourceto provide basic information for you interfaceintelligently with your doctor and local medicalproviders.The book is valuable in the management healthproblems common, such as, osteoporosis, allergies, cancer and more elusive infectiousdiseases . The work is a worthyinvestment for any personal library. 13 of 13 people found this review helpful. A must have for any supplement / Altern. Aficionado medicine! DR Seybold can shop "Vitamin" a great "health" of the chain. In the past year and a half, I learned a lot about vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and food concentrates. I used to buy dozens of books related to my work. But you know what? Not a day goes by where I do not pick up the book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing", one of the most complete,.