Quick Guide To Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements: Use this handy reference for your natural prescription for health

Give your body exactly what it's asking for!From A to Z, there are thousands of vitamins, minerals and supplements--all claiming to improve your health! Not all of these are right for you. Your body may be trying to send you a message. Are you listening?Nutritionally depleted agriculture, the invention of fast food and high levels of stress cause your body to cry out for assistance. But how do you know what to take, how much and when? This easy-to-read "mini-encyclopedia" of supplements will help you live longer, feel better and experience optimal health.Stop playing guessing games with your health!In this easy access guide, Dr. Pensanti has researched and listed essential supplements alphabetically, and she provides you with pertinent information about each. You'll even find disease-specific supplements at your fingertips for easy reference and answers to questions like these: What are the five best supplements for someone with heart disease or cancer? If I don't have enough vitamins or minerals in my body, what happens? Which foods naturally provide these vitamins and minerals? Which supplements help men prevent prostate problems? How much should I take, and how often? Feel safe about supplements!More than just maintaining optimal health and feeling better overall, these vitamins, minerals, amino acids and supplements can actually help prevent and reverse certain diseases.  

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About the Author Helen Pensanti, M.D. graduated cum laude from Chapman University in California. Her popular television show, Doctor to Doctor, is seen nationally on the TBN cable network. Dr. Pensanti also appears as a panelist on TBN on various Doctor's Night programs where she shares the latest updates in women's health issues. 

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