The Supplement Shopper (Alternative Medicine Guide)

At last, a single book that explains everything you need to know about selecting nutritional supplements and how to match the best brand to your exact medical problem-over 100 conditions detailed.From Maile and Greg Pouls, leading health practitioners in the fields of nutrition and biochemistry, comes a comprehensive A-to-Z guide to health conditions and the dietary supplements that can reverse them.

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Review "With this book, people can understand nutrition and easily find the correct nutritional products for their condition. Both scientifically valid and user friendly, THE SUPPLEMENT SHOPPER is valuable for health professionals and people dealing with illness, surgery, or injury." -Peggy Huddleston, M.T.S., author of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster"This book contains an extensive collection of information that can help those wise enough to use it as a health guide." -Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine, and MiraclesFor more information visit the Alternative Medicine website. About the Author BURTON GOLDBERG is the founder of Alternative Medicine magazine, the leading consumer publication in the field. He lives in Tiburon, California.MAILE POULS, Ph.D., a clinical nutritionist who specializes in enzyme and nutritional therapy, is the co-founder of the Health Enhancement Center in Santa Cruz, California.GREGORY POULS, D.C., a chiropractor and nutritional product formulator, is co-founder and director of the Health Enhancement Center. His primary research focus is on advancements in clinical nutrition and the effects of human-made chemicals on health and the natural environment. He and Maile Pouls publish the newsletter Your Nutritionist and the website

Most helpful customer reviews 16 of 16 people found the following review helpful. "Must" reading for the health conscious! Midwest Book Review by Gregory Dietitians Poul, Poul DC and Maile, Ph.D. suggest that "in America, we have an abundance of food, without a underabundance of food." They wrote the supplement shopper to people who might make good choices for supplements to help. Dr. Poul the par stress that "there is no panacea or" super "nutrient that works for everyone all the time." Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids and other nutrients. They are not drugs and are not currently regulated, but the restrictions on manufacturers claim to treat specific diseases. Individuals often wonder if they have a certain fee, and if so, how much cost. They also have information on other subjects in the supplement, such as artificial colorings or flavorings. Dr Poulsen begins with "A Guide to the nutrients AZ" to describe the nutrients, how and when to take, and what they do in the body Part two is an "AZ of Health Conditions:. Nutrients and herbal medicines" More than 80 diseases and ailments including allergies, diabetes, fatigue, heart disease and thyroid disorders listed. Each contains a full description of the causes, symptoms and treatment recommendations for proper nutrition. This is followed by a list in alphabetical order by brand name for products containing the recommended dietary supplements. Contact information, including phone numbers, are given for each additional manufacturer. In the last part of the book provides information on the use of dietary supplements as preventive medicine. Topics include: brain power, longevity, detoxification and immune support. In his introduction, calls Burton Goldberg readers to "take control of their own health. The tools are simple: eat well, use supplements wisely, do not use prescription drugs (unless absolutely necessary), detoxify, and exercise, "The Supplement Shopper offers readers the information they need to use nutritional supplements, including products from top brands that best suits your individual needs.Sandra I. Smith, Reviewer 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful. Do's and Don'ts for Martin Asina More and more consumers are willing to recognize that medical science can not have the last word on the treatment of common ailments ranging from asthma to allergies. Part of the problem in an explosion of health in a country that boasts the best health care in the world is that many Americans consistently bad choices on dietary supplements , food and medical assistance. Add in the supplement SHOPPER Gregory and Maile Pouls that the fault lies far more in the medicine than with the Powers That laziness or short-sightedness of those who suffer from common diseases in order to overcome this trend in a country where poor health to poor preventable health is excellent, the first Pouls beat that almost anyone can take over the control over his or her own health. To rely only on the advice of doctors is that they believe not enough to simply optimize to health. The first step, which they see is that a prospective patient should doctors as a starting point and not be seen as an endpoint for a health care professional. Alternate health texts, such as the Pouls', then be viewed as a complement or supplement and not substitute for the care. The Poul's writing in a prose that is halfway between the technician jargonese physician in standard medical texts, and what is in the reader's Digest condensation, ensuring maximum understanding of the overall objective reader of this text is to find the right nutritional supplement to a disease clearly identified. Indeed. Most of the book