Earl Mindell's Supplement Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to Hundreds of NEW Natural Products that Will Help You Live Longer, Look Better, Stay Heathier, ... and Much More! (Better Health for 2003)

Burn Fat! Think Better! Enhance Your Sex Life! Fat blockers, antioxidants, sport supplements, nutraceuticals, natural hormones, and natural antidepressants are just some of the cutting-edge products that have recently been brought to market. All can be purchased over the counter. But which ones are right for you? Bestselling author Earl Mindell will help you negotiate the bold new world of supplements with this unique and comprehensive guidebook. Trying to build muscle? Creatine monohydrate and HMB can help you get more out of your workout Feeling blue? 5-HTP and Saint-John's-wort can give you a lift Want to lose weight? Fight fat with chitosan Looking to enhance your sexual performance? Try tribulus and ashwagandah Not as sharp as you used to be? Phosphatidylserine can help you regain twelve years of brain power Searching for a natural alternative to estrogen? Soyconcentrate is a rich source of plant estrogens that can help prevent cancer. Don't miss out! Let Earl Mindell show you how to look better, feel younger, and stay healthier.

Amazon Sales Rank: #127613 in Books Published on: 2002-05-21 Original language: English Number of items: 1 Binding: Mass Market Paperback 336 pages

Amazon.com Review The boom in nutritional supplements has been bewildering to most health-conscious people. One camp, made up mostly of traditional scientists and nutritionists, says that supplements are unnecessary, that you can get all the nutrients you need from a well-balanced diet. Then there's the group that says a normal diet can't supply all the super-duper stuff that researchers of varying degrees of credibility discover on a regular basis. Which set is right? Earl Mindell, for one, is solidly in the latter, recommending virtually everything you'll find on the shelves of your neighborhood nutrition store. He answers questions you might have about supplements you've heard of but don't understand, and he explains what all the excitement (if any) is about. From DHEA to cat's claw, bovine tracheal cartilage to chromium picolinate, he endorses all. About the Author Earl Mindell, R.Ph., Ph.D., is the bestselling author of Earl Mindell's New Herb Bible, Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible for the 21st Century, Earl Mindell's Peak Performance Bible, Earl Mindell's Food as Medicine, Earl Mindell's Secret Remedies, Earl Mindell's Anti-Aging Bible, and Earl Mindell's Soy Miracle. He is a registered pharmacist, a master herbalist, and a professor of nutrition at Pacific Western University in Los Angeles; he also conducts nutrition seminars around the world.

Most helpful customer reviews 17 of 18 people found the following review helpful. Informative reading, candles, sells myth and hype! By Frank de Monbrun (im_frank@surfline.ne.jp) Dr. Mindell handling of the issue of supplements is not only a blanket endorsement of each item available on the shelves of your local health food store. He leads you through an explanation of the appendix with examples and references to germane research (if it publishes any), assessments of the myth and hype surrounding its use, and then give a cautious recommendation to use or well-founded argument for abolition. After extensive research to try on my own, to find the "truth" about dietary supplements, found Dr. Mindell's book is like finding a nugget of gold in the information wilderness. Read and enjoy! 26 of 30 people found the following review helpful. Hmmm. Not so fast. To BookGuy is a source of information is good, but it seems Mindell has not complied with a supplement that will not support one way or another, but with a caveat or two that I was "researching" supplements for a long time, too, but I was with a different interpretation of working as advertised. I would not go so far as to say that this is a "bible". See "Physicians' Desk Reference for Nutritional Supplements" if you want to read the real "bible" of supplements. The PDR does not cut the facts to fit a lifestyle. Do not get me wrong, Mindell is not to deceive, but your medicine cabinet should only be filled with bottles of herbs, vitamins and other things, and his brother, who does not need all these things to live a healthy life. A handful of supplements ... OK, but not all supplements under the sun, trying to be thinner, smarter, sexy, etc. They can not all be good for you, and there are other research claims out there that says that some are not, and can be more harmful than is generally benign, Mindell book for additional drives. If you are not a member of the choir is still reaching for the aforementioned PDR before you jump in. 10 of 11 people found the following review helpful. Valable health information beyond vitamins. By Earl Mindell, DR Schryer is rightly famous for his best selling book, Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible (currently available as Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible for the 21st century). Thousands - perhaps millions - of people have their health and even their lives to include the information in Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible. Dr. Mindell has now written an equally well-written and authoritative book on dozens of dietary supplements that are not typically covered in books on vitamins. Many supplements discussed in this new book - including coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, and DHA, to name a few - are important to human health as vitamins are If you are seriously interested in learning about the wide range of nutritional supplements that are currently available, I will not be without this book. See all 10 customer feedback ....