Supplements for Fibromyalgia: Natural Aids for Overcoming Fibromyalgia and Other Related Disorders (Woodland Health)

Fibromyalgia affects millions of people worldwide. Though its symptoms-including musculoskeletal pain, stiffness, sleeping difficulty, lethargy, and depression-can be detected, the disorder has been difficult to treat. Until now. In this booklet, Dr. Elrod outlines the various herbs, vitamin/mineral combinations, and other natural supplements proven to prevent and provide relief from this debilitating syndrome.

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Most helpful customer reviews 76 of 83 people found the following review helpful. Panning of Supplements for Fibromyalgia By Mr Solar I rated this as a "1" based on my level of knowledge. For a neophyte, perhaps it could be rated as high as a "2". There aren't many supplements which Elrod didn't include in this review...EVERY supplement is important to him (and I don't disagree). However, one would have to take pills ALL DAY to get all his recommendations ingested. He doesn't give any ideas of relative importance, nor does he suggest any amount which might be necessary for each supplement. Not very helpful. 12 of 13 people found the following review helpful. Worthwhile addition to the body of knowledge!! By Kathleen M. Pagan I have suffered with fibromyalgia and chronic fatique syndrome since 1992. When I was diagnosed there was virtually no information available! Thankfully there are some caring souls out there who have lent their expertise to this condition that is looked down on by so many professionals. As a stand-alone this pamphlet gives a fair background to the condition in addition to the invaluable information regarding the supplements but its strength lies in its addition to the cummulative body of information that is being built. Another reviewer mentioned that one would have to take pills all day in order to use all the suggested supplements..... from my reading of the pamphlet that was never intended! These are suggestions and each individual needs to find the right balance of supplements and in the quantity that works for that individual. If you are suffering from this condition my thoughts and prayers are with you! Don't give up and don't let people tell you this is all in your head!!! 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful. Maybe a little too basic By Sara Westhead Many FM patients (usually those with a more mild form) have found that they can manage their FM through the use of supplements. Elrod gives a lot of good suggestions, but not a lot of information on how the different supplements can help. This is a good resource book, but should be used in light of a doctor's care and current research. See all 5 customer reviews...