Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Second Edition

The perfect balance between the latest research and age-old wisdomThis completely revised and expanded second edition of the classic reference work arms you with the latest information on the extraordinary healing powers of natural medicine. Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno, two of the most trusted naturopathic doctors in the world, have teamed up once again to bring you cutting-edge natural remedies for the most common ailments. Easy to understand, a pleasure to read, yet scientifically well researched and documented, this is your complete health adviser to the natural approach to over 70 diseases, from arthritis to varicose veins. In addition, this life-long reference offers important information on: ·The four cornerstones of good health and how to achieve them ·How to enhance your body's key systems ·How to promote good health and increase longevityAuthoritative and up to date, the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine is the essential medical reference no home should be without.

Amazon Sales Rank: #19664 in Books Size: book Brand: Murry + Pizzorno Published on: 1997-12-29 Released on: 1997-12-29 Original language: English Number of items: 1 Dimensions: 9.20" h x 1.80" w x 7.40" l, 3.49 pounds Binding: Paperback 960 pages book Country of origin: USA Please read all label information on delivery.

Amazon.com Review Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine weighs three pounds and nine ounces, has 946 pages, and is as informative as it is hefty. The authors are naturopathic doctors--they focus on promoting health and treating disease with nontoxic, natural therapies. Naturopathic medicine follows these seven principles: Do no harm: use safe, effective, natural therapies. Nature has healing powers: the physician's job is to enhance the body's natural power to heal itself. Identify and treat the cause: find the cause, rather than just suppress the symptoms. Treat the whole person: administer to the patient's physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, and social sides. The physician is a teacher: educate and motivate patients to take more responsibility for their health. Prevention is the best cure: health-supporting life habits prevent disease. Establish health and wellness: increase the patient's positive physical and mental state. This book shows you how to improve your health through a positive mental attitude, healthy lifestyle, health-promoting diet, and supplements, with plenty of practical tips. Learn disease prevention through enhancing key body systems. The bulk of the book details natural remedies for treating more than 70 ailments. Each includes symptoms, description, therapeutic considerations (with discussion of studies), and a treatment summary, including nutritional supplements and botanical (herbal) medicines. If you have a disease, this book will give you a valuable perspective on natural treatments. If you're well, it will give you many pointers for maintaining and enhancing your health. --Joan Price From Library Journal Revised, updated, and expanded, this classic naturopathic reference by two naturopathic physicians is still one of the best books on natural medicine for consumers. Comprehensive and easy to use, it discusses some 70 health problems. What truly sets it apart from other similar titles are the scientific articles (82 pages in total!) that support the encyclopedia's content. Highly recommended. (LJ 5/1/91) Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review The perfect balance between the latest research and age-old wisdom

Most helpful customer reviews 181 of 192 people found the following review helpful. An Excellent Overview of Natural Medicine By J. P. Wakamatsu This is a great book for the general public as well as naive health care professionals to learn about Natural Medicine. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A COPY OF THIS BOOK AND STUDY IT. YOUR LIFE MAY DEPEND ON IT. I have learned that I am eating totally wrong and am setting myself up for a cardiovascular disaster. And I'm a doctor and should know better! Now I can set things straight.Yeah, I'm an M.D. and have been trained to treat my patients with chemicals (Allopathic Medicine), but I have been trying to expand my knowledge base about the practice of medicine and luckly stumbled on Dr. Murray's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. I will integrate what I have and will learn about Natural Medicine in my everyday practice (and my own life!). I feel that, with certain exceptions, Natural Medicine should be tried first. Only when that fails or is inappropriate should Allopathic Medicine be used.There is a growing trend for M.D.'s to use Natural Medicine in their practice. ... 46 of 47 people found the following review helpful. Best Natural Medicine Reference By Susan Stewart I have found this book to be the best source for natural medicine information bar none and use it in my practice as a registered nutritionist. The information is appropriately referenced and only included where supporting references exist. This make the information very trustworthy. I sincerely hope the authors will be producing a third edition. This is an important work in the field. 90 of 99 people found the following review helpful. Why so few stars for such a great book? By A Customer No, I do not think this book deserves 5 stars, although it is the best book in this area. So, why only 3 stars? - because of the missed potential. I think I have read every word in every one of Dr. Murray's books. With minor changes and adaptations, this encyclopedia brings together the texts of 3 of his major books: the one on herbs, the one on nutritional supp., and the previous encyclopedia. What's wrong in that? - the fact that we got a very heavy book of over 900 pages with not much more new info. I was surprised to find out that none of the other reviewers mentioned the fact that this book still does not have a chapter on Cancer!! My feeling is that Drs. Murray & Pizzorno did not forget the second leading ailment of this era - at this moment, they are probably finalizing their next book, this time a whole book on cancer. As a professor of Medicine and a cancer researcher I feel that an encyclopedia of natural medicine that has not even one chapter on cancer prevention and natural medication is a "bug 2000" bearing item. Another aspect - this days, such an encyclopedia would be better "printed" on a CD, with an advanced search engine, rather then on paper. One last word, the book suffers from some faults and "deletions" of very important info, but unfortunately there is no way one can contact Drs. Murray or Pizzorno and discuss these faults directly with them. No e-mail address, nor fax number is provided. I would recommend them to contact me before they issue the 3rd edition of this encyclopedia. So, should you buy this book? - the answer is definitely yes. Just as I said: this is the best book available, though not the perfect one these two authors could write... See all 60 customer reviews...