FEEDING HABITS AND LIFESTYLES ON YOUR HEALTH AND PERSON: "When Food Becomes Poison" Novel Natural Food Supplements Cure for All Diseases

This book is the product of 28 years of active research into natural preventive and curative medicine of Human Illnesses in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. With the health circles of all human beings elucidated, this book will serve as the water shed, the melting and turning point in the human health sector. The water shed is not only on diseases that have defiled human solutions for decades but for the fact that every living soul could calculate when he or she will be sick and how to prevent or minimize it. All degenerative diseases developed from impaired metabolic syndrome This book revealed why and when your body is vulnerable to sickness and how to prevent it. This book analyses when food becomes poison (acidosis and alkalosis). This book presented a comprehensive list of "Novel Natural cures for all diseases" It explored how to maintain a lifetime of good health. Studies have linked chemical pollutants in food to shrinking penis size, testicular cancer, undescended testicles, reduced sperm counts and infertility in men. Women's breasts and ovaries have high concentrations of fat, making these locations vulnerable to toxins. Red dye 3 has been shown to make breast cancer cells grow. It is present in some candies, processed and fast foods. It is also present in lipsticks and some cosmetics. Cancer can be prevented, treated and cured by regular consumption of certain herbs, bitter kola, tea, vitamin C and E. Polyphenols in these products are antioxidants and astringents. They neutralize free radicals which are toxic by-products of the body's natural chemical processes. These products prevent uncontrolled cell growth and DNA damage. Generally, prevent cancer, heart disease and other food related sicknesses by consuming organic foods that are low in fat and high in fiber. This book revealed that protein soup and herbs can prevent, treat and cure AIDS. Other topics include: Physical Body Exercise and Your Health. Effect of Inorganic Fertilizers and Pesticides on y

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About the Author Dr. Bamidele Ojo is the Author of the popular and best selling book "The Ultimate Price of Universal Freedom and Liberty". He is a Christian counselor who studied for his Master of Divinity in the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary and obtained a Doctorate of Classical Biological Control/Entomology. He is a socio-political philosopher, scientist and an entrepreneur. As a Former University Lecturer he worked as a consulting scientist with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture in Africa. Bamidele is a musician with two albums; "Cry for Freedom" and "Awake from thy slumber". And he has also authored many books. Bamidele lives in Kansas City Missouri.