Aspirin Alternatives: The Top Natural Pain-Relieving Analgesics (A Health Learning Handbook)

This book discusses analgesics and natural approaches to pain. There are a number of natural alternatives which are equally effective and in many cases may be preferable to drugs because they may help treat the underlining problem rather than simply treating a symptom. The author, Dr. Raymond Lombardi, is a chiropractor who treats patients daily who are experiencing various types of pain. His training and experience as a naturopathic doctor, nutritionist and herbalist, allows him to select the proper approach for the various types of pain, whether it is chronic, acute, inflammatory, degenerative, etc.

Amazon Sales Rank: #2611214 in Books Published on: 1999-10-01 Original language: English Binding: Paperback 160 pages

Most helpful customer reviews 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. aspirin alternatives By C. Thomas not very mentions specific herbs in the index but on the page next to it, it does not mention it at all. See all 1 customer reviews...