HEALTH SECRETS FOR THE 21st CENTURY: Nutritional Solutions for Health and Longevity

The field of Nutrition is full of conflicting advice, much of it motivated simply by marketing. Understanding what Nutritional Advice fits you can aid in: -Reducing Pain and Inflammation -Balancing Your Body Weight -Increasing Physical Energy -Raising Immunity -Preventing Mental Decline -Improving the Quality of Your Life You May Be Taking Nutritional Supplements, But Are You Using Them Effectively? Do You Know: -Why Too Many B-Vitamins Can Be Hard On Your Liver? -Why Too Much Calcium Can Be Deadly? -Why You Should Not Take Supplements Every Day? -Why Squinting In The Sun Is A Sign Of A Specific Nutritional Deficiency? -Why Certain Supplements Need To Be Taken At A Meal Containing Fat? Come now on a journey through the world of nutrition, and nutritional supplements. Find the answers that will guide you to optimal health and longevity. For more material by Ken W. Peters please join his blog at

Amazon Sales Rank: #6721469 in Books Published on: 2010-07-01 Binding: Paperback 176 pages

About the Author Ken Peters has been employed in the Health and Nutrition field for 30 years, the last 20 spent as a nutritional consultant. He is also a writer and researcher, a published author, and works in product research and development for NutriStart Vitamin Company, among others. Ken maintains a blog at

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