Blended Medicine: Combining Mainstream and Alternative Therapies (Health and Wellness Library)

Blending mainstream medicine with alternative therapies creates a powerful health-care partnership. Today you no longer have to choose between mainstream medicine and alternative therapies to treat illness, disease, or other health problems. A blended approach will help you create effective, practical, and reliable plans to determine your personal healing path. Blended Medicine will guide you on this amazing journey. This comprehensive and clear resource guide will help you combine the best of both traditional and alternative treatments to fit your individual goals and lifestyle. In this book you'll find: 1) A practical guide to 22 blended therapies. 2) An easy reference to 100 ailments, and how to cure each the blended-medicine way. 3) Proven, safe and effective remedies. 4) Guidelines for safe use of vitamins, minerals and other supplements. 5) Advice for selecting qualified practitioners.

Amazon Sales Rank: #2253670 in Books Published on: 2000 Format: Illustrated Original language: English Binding: Paperback 503 pages

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