Your Face Never Lies (Avery Health Guides)

A guide to the Oriental method of observing the face, eyes, skin and other parts of the body to determine the state of a person's health.

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Most helpful customer reviews 15 of 15 people found the following review helpful. What your face reveals about you By Kathy W After you read this little book, you will likely never look at faces in quite the same way again. This 1983 book, originally published in London, is only 77 pages in length plus 5 pages of suggested readings, info about the writers, and an index. The cover states it is an introduction to oriental diagnosis and what your face reveals about you and your health. The preface explains that oriental diagnosis views the physical and mental aspects of the total person, in addition to the troubled organs or body parts. The analysis includes an interpretation of the person's lifestyle, including both environmental and social surroundings. The booklet explains a bit about Yin and Yang, the diet, development of the embryo, sections of the face and the corresponding major body systems (nervous, digestion, and circulation). We look at the structure of the face, where certain lines develop on the face (and their meaning), eyes, eyebrows, eyelids, blinking, the shape and size of the mouth, the relationships of different parts of the lips to the digestive system, the teeth, the ears, the hair, balding in certain areas in relationship to weakness of certain organs, the skin coloration (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, blackness, grey, pallor, transparency, whitedness/white spots, texture, oily, wet) and what each means, lines in the hands, nails, energy meridians in the body, pulses, voice, hearing, handwriting slants, habits, food advice, and giving advice to people. There is a heck of a lot of info in this book. The down-side is that you will probably find yourself studying obvious lines and characteristics that you see on people, especially if they have a strong influence in your life. The up-side is that you can possibly help yourself by spotting and correcting certain weaknesses before they do permanent damage. You might also be able to help others close to you, if they are willing to listen. If you are a practitioner of some kind, even in subtle energy therapies, you may be able to provide additional information to your clients. Look to this book to provide you with additional insight/clues to better health, to help you discover or investigate issues before they do damage. Do not use it to replace your medical health care professional. 27 of 35 people found the following review helpful. Good, buy expected more. By A Customer I thought the book was very interesting. I good start. I was expecting it to be a little more in depth on the face reading. Instead, there was more about macrobiotics than I expected. It was somewhat of an advertisement for this topic. Otherwise, I found it to be very helpful. 24 of 33 people found the following review helpful. Recommended Introduction By Phillip Townsend This rudimentary book explicates and interprets lines and configurations of the face, hands, and body areas, as well as voice and handwriting, according to macrobiotic principles of dietary consumption which have their roots in Oriental medicine. See all 6 customer reviews...