Reversing Fibromyalgia: The Whole-Health Approach to Overcoming Fibromyalgia Through Nutrition, Exercise, Supplements and Other Lifestyle Factors

Pain, aches, depression, fatigue. These symptoms can be telling signs of an emerging disorder, Fibromyalgia, which is related to arthritis but also quite different. Until recently, lack of information has produced only minimally effective treatments. In this completely updated edition, however, Dr. Elrod provides an effective regimen, including nutrition, physical and mental exercise, and supplementation therapies that not only make fibromyalgia a manageable disease, but also a reversible one.

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About the Author Dr. Elrod holds multiple degrees in exercise physiology and has completed post-doctoral research in the areas of nutrition, exercise physiology, heart disease, cancer and arthritis. A former professor, he is now a health consultant who has worked with various groups, including AT&T, McDonalds, NASA and various university medical student organizations.

Most helpful customer reviews 60 of 64 people found the following review helpful. Help but best of all HOPE. By A Customer Dr Elrod, is a down to earth and gets to the root of this frustrating depressing disease. His belief that there is real help, not just masking the "Flare-Ups" with drugs made me pick this book up in the first place. I was in the middle of a "No SLEEP" cycle, in pain and so depressed I felt hopeless. Following his advice on "Returning to Restful Sleep" I saw major improvement in the first night and by the third night was really SLEEPING! With this long sought after rest I got up feeling alot less pain and have been able to take almost no pain medication. Best of all an improved mental state, knowing that I'm finally on the right track. With Dr. Elrods book in hand I can improve my life and return to the healthy, active life I once had. I have read a "bunch" of books on this subject and felt it just might be hopeless, that I could ever enjoy life again. This book is easy to understand and with clear directions on accomplishing better health, he's lets one know it didn't happen overnight and won't be heal that fast either. NO magic pill, it takes our active particpation! But hope is here! 33 of 34 people found the following review helpful. If you really want to feel better, this is the one. By A Customer Dr. Elrod has written an invaluable tool for those who are determined to conquer fibromyalgia and get on with life. His manner of delivery is superb -- easy to understand, accurate, practical, and compassionate. There are many books about fibromyalgia on the market, but, unfortunately, most of them dwell on how rough it can be and leave you to wait for your next flare. Dr. Elrod takes the bull by the horns and puts you back in control. Get on with life -- apply the advice in this book, and you'll be amazed. 43 of 46 people found the following review helpful. Absolutely Wonderful!!!!!!! By hope_endures I have had fibromyalgia for many years but no one could diagnose it until now. But the physician put me on many medications such as anti-inflammatories, 2 antidepressants, which knocked me out for 2 days at a time, and pain pills. The pain continued and I only felt disconnected. Getting out of bed was a major task due to pain and a drug-induced state. I recently 2 months ago saw this book and had some hope. I immediately went to GNC the next day with my husband and bought everything Dr. Elrod suggested. At first I thought, "How am I going to take all of this stuff". But I divided it up in 4 doses a day and within 3 days I was sleeping all night and my pain was almost completely gone. I had the stiffness due to lack of exercise, due to extreme pain. But now I am doing stretching exercises and walking and I feel better and better each day. I have incorporated eating more nutritious meals and not only do I feel excellent, but my mind is sharper (because it is not focused on pain and exhaustion) and I have more energy and not to mention, my complexion is 100% better. I look healthy again!!! I am back to doing the things I enjoy like working out in the yard. My husband is thrilled because he gradually saw the life completely "zapped" out of me and has now returned. Words can not express how grateful I am for this book. Thank you Dr. Elrod!!!!!!!! See all 16 customer reviews...