Mosby's Handbook of Herbs & Supplements and Their Therapeutic Uses

This handy reference provides quick information on herbs and supplements--including 85 herbs, 80 supplements, and 75 conditions. Extremely thorough, it offers reliable references and a unique system that rates the current knowledge of therapeutic efficacy for each herb/supplement used in a particular treatment. Content is consistently structured and features an Appendix on Clinically Tested Brands at the end of the book.A logical and consistent organization enables the reader to quickly consult the efficacy of herbal use to treat a specific condition.Evidence-based content includes a unique system that rates the current, scientific knowledge of therapeutic efficacy for each herb/supplement used in a particular treatment.Helpful Appendix describes clinically tested brands.References do not rely heavily on one source.

Amazon Sales Rank: #1574126 in Books Published on: 2002-10-15 Original language: English Number of items: 1 Binding: Paperback 1280 pages

Review Mah Hussain-Gambles, University of Leeds, July 2004"This covenient, pocket-sized handbook provides an ideal tool for quickly gauging the clinical evidence behind a wide range of natural therapies, and enables a rapid assessment of the strength and validity of such evidence. It focuses on the issues most relevant to actual clinical practice, safety and identification of the natural products patients may be using."James Barlow, Irish Pharmacy Journal, January 2005"The fact that it lists both US and European formulations that have undergone clinical testing is an additional useful and practice feature. In summary, this text is in fact a comprehensive summary of available herbs and supplements."

Most helpful customer reviews 12 of 12 people found the following review helpful. Very Scientific & Yet Down to Earth By D. Cassell About a year ago I bought this book & I can honestly say it's one of my most used books. It's very scientific & yet you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what it is saying. The first part of the book deals with different disorders such as ADHD, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Arthritis, & much more. Under the different disorders it gives different examples of what people have tried to treat them with. Then it proceeds to different scientific tests that either proves or disproves the treatment. The second part of the book deals with herbs & their therapeutic uses. Again here different uses & tests are provided for each herb. This book also discussed dosage recommendations, safety issues, drug interactions, & great references to other material. Overall this is a very useful book. The copy that I purchased contains over 1,000 pages & it covers everything from migraine headaches to the various vitamins. I recommend this book not only to the med student but to the average person just wanting useful & real information about herbs and their therapeutic uses. 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. Useful Herb book in a Traditional Medical Office By Michael L. Loren This book is a useful tool for traditional physicians. Many of our patients are wondering what else is there to use without using "medicine". The book rates various alternative therapies as 3+ evidence based, vs 0 or -1 as no evidence based. There is also some info on toxicity and drug reactions. The book has individual sections on various medical conditions such as Hepatitis and what alternatives are available with the rating system. There is also specific info on the products including dosage, and route of administration. This books seems more user friendly compared to the PDR version on herbals. See all 2 customer reviews...