Spirituality and Meaning in Health Care: A Dutch Contribution to an Ongoing Discussion (Studies in Spirituality Supplements)

In modern health care humanity is at stake. The relationship between those seeking and those providing care increasingly takes place within the framework of technological or legislative issues. The whole human being needing care threatens to disappear from view. Yet there also is a counter movement demanding attention for the spiritual component: after all, spirituality and meaning are inherent facets in people's care. In this collection of essays, Spirituality and Meaning in Health Care is approached from various perspectives, including theological, philosophical, organisational, ethical, medical, nursing and legal. The contributions deal with the phenomenon of spirituality, interaction between care seeker and care giver, policy and quality, the spirituality of the professional, and the place of spirituality and meditation in supervision of people with cancer. This book provides stimulus for ongoing discussions on this important theme.

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