The Healing Power of Amino Acids: How to Boost Your Health with These Amazing New Supplements

Based on research this book illustrates the healing power and potential of the 20 amino acids from which we are made. It also discusses the ability of some of the amino acids to modify mood and behaviour such as stopping addiction to alcohol and reducing craving for sugar through their influence on the brain and nervous system. The author contends that in the 21st century widespread use will be made of amino acids in therapy and in the prevention of illness. A note to readers advises careful consideration to the nature of their particular health problem and to consult a compenent physician if in any doubt and to ensure that amino acids are purchased from a reputable manufacturer and lists recommended manufacturers and suppliers. Leon Chaitow has written many books on this subject, the latest being "Your Complete Stress-Proofing Programme" and "Your Own Slimming and Health Programme".

Amazon Sales Rank: #3406318 in Books Published on: 1989-04-13 Original language: English Binding: Paperback 128 pages