PDR for Nutritional Supplements

The large numbers of Americans currently supplementing their regimen with various vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients continues to need a reliable, research-based source of information on these supplements. Now in its second edition, the PDR(r) for Nutritional Supplements maintains its status as a concise yet comprehensive resource of the entire spectrum of current nutritional products. Updated and now including new information specific to functional foods, the PDR(r) for Nutritional Supplements, 2nd Edition includes the chemical nature of the supplement, claims made for it, laboratory animal and human research, risks and precautions and doses.

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From Library Journal The large numbers of Americans currently supplementing their regimen with various vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients need a reliable, research-based source of information on these supplements. The authors of this latest entry in the "Physician Desk Reference" series are well qualified to provide such a source: Hendler, a biochemist and physician, is author of The Doctor's Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia, while science and medicine journalist Rorvik has written several books on diet and nutrition. Augmented by various useful indexes, the text consists primarily of excellent, lengthy monographs giving information on trade names, supplement description and pharmacology, indications and usage, contraindications and precautions, possible adverse reactions, overdosage, dosage and administration, and how supplied (liquid, caplet, etc.). Claims proven, not proven, and disproven are summarized, with literature citations appended. Unlike other PDRR volumes, the descriptions are not based primarily on information supplied by the manufacturers but on analysis by the authors themselves. In addition, tables list the ingredients of multivitamins or vitamin/mineral tablets, as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration phone numbers, a list of state Poison Control Centers, and common laboratory values. Recommended for drug reference and consumer health collections. Anne C. Tomlin, Auburn Memorial Hosp., New York Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Booklist A growing number of people use nutritional supplements on a regular basis. Most common nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium have well-known, documented benefits, but others base their claims on highly speculative data. Those seeking objective, scientific information about nutritional supplements will find it in the newest addition to the PDR family. It offers a "concise yet, comprehensive overview of the entire spectrum of current nutritional products." Sheldon H. Handler, a physician with a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology, and David Rornik, a science and medicine reporter for Time magazine, have written 200 monographs covering approximately 1,000 products.Like the other PDR volumes, this one begins with a series of indexes: supplement name (common/generic name); brand name; category (e.g., probiotics, vitamins); indications (therapeutic or preventive purpose); side effects (potential adverse reactions); interactions (problems when used with other drugs, herbs, foods, or supplements); companion drugs (supplements that may be used in conjunction with prescription drugs to reverse adverse effects, relieve symptoms of the illness, or treat complications); and manufacturers. The "Companion Drug Index" is a unique and very useful feature. There is also a product identification guide with color pictures. This is quite limited. Many popular brands (such as Centrum and NatureMade) do not appear.The descriptive monographs are arranged alphabetically by supplement name. These entries include trade or brand names and a description of the product with emphasis on its chemical and biochemical importance for humans. They also cover the actions and pharmacology of the supplements, explaining what they do, how they do it, and why they may be used. A summary of the research about the product with the most significant findings, both pro and con, as well as information about contraindications, adverse effects, interactions, information about dosage and administration, and overdosage, is included also. Available product information about forms and dosages and relevan and citations from the literature complete the entries. Although the authors assume that readers have a basic knowledge of biochemistry, the monographs are accessible to lay readers, who will encounter less medical jargon here than they do in the other PDR volumes.The PDR for Nutritional Supplements has several helpful tables that compare various calcium, iron, multivitamin, multivitamin-mineral, and vitamin B complex products. It also has a brief list of common laboratory test values and directories of poison control centers, drug information centers, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration telephone services. This new source fills a gap in reference collections even though it does not cover all of the popular products that are currently available. It is useful for public, academic, and health sciences libraries. RBBCopyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved From the Inside Flap "In a part of the health field not known for its devotion to rigorous science, Dr. Hendler brings to the practitioner and the curious patient a wealth of hard facts. Easy reading, well referenced. A welcome addition to the classic PDR." Roger Guillemin, M.D., Ph.D. Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine "An important compendium of information, well referenced and properly conservative in its recommendations." Richard S. Rivlin, M.D. Vice President of Medical Affairs, Naylor-Dana Chair in Nutrition, American Health Foundation Professor of Medicine, Weill Medical College, Cornell University "Dr. Hendler has created an indispensable guide to the possible health benefits and risks of nutritional supplements. He sounds sorely needed warnings on potential side effects, interactions, and toxicity. Unprecedented in depth and authority, this book offers an unparalleled resource on a subject of crucial importance." Brian S. Frid, R.Ph. President and CEO, Retired Persons Services, Inc. "The athletes of today need more information than ever about the supplements they're taking as they go for victory. As a physician in the forefront of those who truly understand the benefits of nutritional supplementation, Dr. Hendler provides us with the vital facts we need to make choices on a scientific basis, rather than an emotional one. America has been starving for this kind of reference…. Long overdue." Bill Toomey 1968 Olympic Decathlon Champion and Member of the Olympic Hall of Fame Vice-President, World Olympian Association "Assaulted from every angle by strident nutritional claims, today's wary consumer is in greater need of reliable information than ever before. This important new volume supplies the unbiased facts quickly, concisely, with authority…. A beacon in the shadowy world of nutritional quackery and hype and an invaluable guide to the supplements that really work." Susan Calvert Finn, Ph.D., R.D., F.A.D.A. Clinical Professor, Ohio State University Past President, American Dietetic Association "This book is a timely and superbly written exploration of the dynamic field of supplements…. A brilliant presentation of complex information in a logical and appropriately critical manner." Walter H. Glinsmann, M.D. Fellow & Adjunct Professor, Center for Food and Nutrition Policy, Georgetown University Past Associate Director for Clinical Nutrition, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Customer Reviews more useful 42 of 42 people found the following review helpful. The information of the highest quality by Orlando Ferrer as an assistant guide to help patients with nutritional problems, I read almost every guide useful supplement in the diet, which was published in the last decade. This PDR is by far the best guide as I found. The doctors I work with are equally enthusiastic about his in-depth analysis, with quotations from the literature supporting their objectivity and refreshing. This is the first time, to my knowledge, that dietary supplements are the same thorough treatment in other guides, for prescription drugs provided. This book should be "must" reading for every doctor, nutritionist, pharmacist and any layperson who wants to share in the intelligent management of his / her own health. There is never a source like this before. For those interested in herbal medicine, there is a separate RDP do with herbs, although I can not find the herbs RDP as useful as the PDR for Nutritional Supplements, which covers all other nutritional supplements / dietary and some of the active popular book of herbs herbs is better than most I initially wondered why Medical Economics, publisher of the series of books all over RDP, do not combine with other herbs and dietary supplements cover everything in a reference book. An editor of Economics doctors said that if they did, they would have had to sacrifice much of the treatment provided in-depth - far beyond, as I said before, anything in any of the other books to squeeze all the supplements discussed in a single volume marketable. We can all be grateful not to. Both books are essential, as every word in them. 32 of 32 people found this review helpful to what we have been waiting for! By a customer with all requirements and speak of a fee or otherwise, it is very difficult to know what is legit. This book answers the need perfectly. In one or two pages (sometimes more) is the abbreviated chemical properties of the supplement, claims, laboratory and animal and human research, risks and precautions, and dosage. If there is no credible basis for the allegations and said it as if it is supported, said that too! There are indexes by the full name, brand, category, needs ("indications"), side effects, etc. This is a very practical, solid and useful reference guide. You'll be glad to have it! 23 of 23 people found the following review helpful. Border full of information by Eugene Wildman tired of getting your vitamin supplement information from the shop assistant? This is state of the art equipment. It's finally here is a book that both laymen and doctors trust may approach. The author has no ax to grind, he overestimated or underestimated, but is carefully objective in its presentation and provides the evidence speak for itself. Dr. Hendler brings to his subject an open mind, wide-ranging intelligence and a thorough training in all relevant disciplines. He refuses to either a decoy entrenched medical orthodoxy or starry eyed alternative approaches. The result is a wealth of information. All 25 customer reviews ....