6 smart supplements that promise protection for your heart health.: An article from: Environmental Nutrition

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Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Revelations about the relationship between diet and heart disease exploded in the 1960s, ushering in the era of drug therapy and dietary intervention. By the 1980s, the growing use of statin drugs to lower blood cholesterol allowed people--perhaps not wisely--to relax their diets and still see cholesterol levels drop. Today's cholesterol landscape has evolved. Researchers have learned that a combination of foods--specifically, a diet low in saturated fat that includes omega-3-rich fish, vitamin-E-rich almonds (see related story, page 8), soluble-fiber-rich oatmeal, as well as plant sterols or stanols (see related story, page 7)--in conjunction with supplements can be as effective as statin drugs for lowering blood cholesterol levels in people with heart disease. Following a heart-healthy diet...