Being a Woman - Naturally: Dr. Jan McBarron's Guide to Natural Supplements Beyond 25

This well-researched book advises all health-conscious women of any age how to benefit by applying Dr. McBarron's philosophies and natural product recommendations. In Part One, she provides healthy alternatives to HRT and other hormone issues, useful tips for preventing osteoporosis, and the heart smart action plan to help reverse heart disease. In Part Two, she discusses preserving our natural beauty through-out our lives. In Part Three, she details health rejuvenators: exercise, spiritual and emotional health, and diet. In Part Fou r, she concentrates on specialized health issues - including PMS, candida, healthy thyroid function, UTIs, and painful joints.

Amazon Sales Rank: #1690640 in Books Published on: 2001-05-01 Original language: English Number of items: 1 Binding: Paperback 192 pages

About the Author Jan McBarron, M.D., is a nationally recognized preventive and nutritional medicine specialist who emphasizes the use of vitamins and herbal supplements. A graduate of Hahnemann University Medical School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dr. McBarron specializes in preventive medicine and maintains a full-time medical practice in Georgia, where she lives with her husband, Duke Liberatore. Together, they co-host the number-one rated radio health talk show in the nation - Duke and the Doctor. Dr. McBarron is a member of the American Medical Association, and Muscogee Medical Society.

Most helpful customer reviews 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful. METABOLISM By gail FOR YEARS I FELT I HAD A PROBLEM WITH MY METABOLISM AS A RESULT OF A SLUGGISH THYROID. MY DOCTOR INSISTED MY THYROID IS NORMAL. I TOOK THE SELF-TEST IN THE BOOK AND REALIZED I DID, IN FACT, HAVE A SLOW METABOLISM. I BEGAN TAKING THE SUPPLEMENTS SHE RECOMMENDS IN THE BOOK AND I HAVEN'T FELT THIS GOOD IN YEARS. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful. Being A Woman Naturally: Dr. Jan McBarron's Guide to Natura By Dee McConnell I was intrigued by the book because its author is a medical doctor. I erroneously assumed that the doctor was the man on the cover. Wow, what a shock when I found out the author is actully the female. This book is a home run in helping me understand what do do naturally to take better care of myself. Obviously, the author practices what she preaches. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. If your ready to be empowered-- By LINDA DOIRON then read this book. It contains essential information about a woman's health. The most basic women's health issues are addressed in an easy to understand format with easy and practical solutions and tips. From Hormone Hell to Bone-Builders to Heart Disease to Skin Care to Exercise and to Emotional Health, each issue finds its important place in this book. A must read book for anyone over the age of 25. See all 8 customer reviews...