The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer: The Surprising, Unbiased Truth About What You Should Do to Prevent Disease, Feel Great, and Have Optimum Health and Longevity

Author Jonny Bowden looks at what he calls “The Four Horsemen of Aging”—free radicals, inflammation, glycation, and stress—and shows how they can harm your health and shorten your life. Bowden then unveils an arsenal of anti-aging strategies culled from cutting edge research and lessons learned from the longest lived people on the planet. He examines how the major organs, such as the heart and the brain, age and how you can prevent damage to these vital parts of the body. In total, readers learn what they can eat, do, and take to feel great, avoid illness, and live a long life.

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About the Author Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., C.N.S., is a nationally known expert on weight loss, nutrition, and health. He is the author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth and The 150 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Energy. He has been featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, GQ, Muscle and Fitness, Self, Fitness, Men’s Health, Prevention, In Style, and Shape, among others. A popular, dynamic, and much sought-after speaker, he’s appeared on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS, and speaks frequently around the country. He lives in Southern California. Visit his website at

Customer feedback more useful 25 of 25 people found this review helpful. A journey of people through a world of free thought: Why Sheila A. Author Jonny Bowden Dechantal look at what he calls "The Four Horsemen of aging" - free radicals, inflammation, glycation and stress - and shows how they can harm your health and shorten their life. Bowden provides an anti-aging arsenal of strategies drawn from cutting-edge research and lessons learned with the longest living people on the planet. She examines how the major organs such as heart and brain, age and how to avoid damage to these vital parts of the body. Overall, readers learn that they can eat, do and have to feel good, prevent disease and live a long life. It is never too early to start healthy habits put in place and this book is a wonderful example of that. Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, is a nationally known expert on weight loss and nutrition. In the most effective ways to live longer Jonny focuses on what he calls the four horsemen of aging: oxidative damage says * * * * Inflammation glycation stress as the book, the four horsemen of Aging something that your body that It happens not true, since the beginning of the disease on the collapse of the loss of functionality .. This is driven by the engine of these four processes. Yes, the paragraph above depressing. This book is primarily about these four steps and nutrition and how to keep the horses in check. And this .... I love you. Foods such as wild salmon (perfect anti-aging food) Blueberry (filled with antioxidants and cancer fighter ).... We crossed with delicious dishes that will keep young and healthy - inside and out. Exercises such as crunches for abdominal muscles, squats for the legs and lower body strength and more weight. This book is a wealth of knowledge. The Blue Zone chapter was fascinating! Occasionally, a team of researchers discover a corner of the world where, in some inexplicable way, people routinely live to 100 or more of these areas come to be known as "The Blue Zones" and scientists have hundreds of hours of research attempting to discover the secrets. Some of these secrets are reveealed the pages of this book. This book is a beautiful reference with small changes in our daily lives, we can apply. For these steps, we can stop even slow the aging process. What's not to like? Big bold pictures and written in an easy to follow, the tone even funny ... Page by page you will eat of this knowledge and actually better for him at the end. 16 of 18 people found the following review helpful. A must read for everyone, MG Gagliano The book has over 264 pages of information about living a long and healthy life. The beautiful, colorful pictures accompany easy to read, easy to follow advice on how to slow the aging process by fighting "The Four Housemen of Aging" - Free Radicals or Oxidation, Inflammation, Glycation and Stress As a 43 year old women with grandparents in their 90's this book is very interesting to me. My mom died before 35 and my dad has always had medical issues but I can look at how my grandparents lived and see that Dr. Jonny Bowden's book is right on target. My grandfather had a triple bypass over 20 years ago but is still going and that has to do with the way he lived. Dr. Bowden's website can be accessed here. Start your New Year right. Get to know Dr. Jonny Bowden, your heart will be glad you did. I particularly loved Dr. Bowden's Anti-Aging Action Plan on how to boost your immune system because most of the suggestions simply make for a better life all around: Learn to relax Learn to laugh at yourself Learn to listen Practice forgiveness Put yourself in other people's shoes The quote that sticks with me the most today is: For every 1 pound of weight lost, there is a 4-pound reduction in the load exerted on the knee for each step taken during daily