Going Back to the Basics of Human Health

Going Back to the Basics of Human Health is a starting point for all those who want to be healthy. In the spirit of true investigative reporting, it walks you quickly and succinctly, step by step, through health basics that most people skip over in their thought processes about health. Going Back to the Basics of Human Health is a compilation of various nutritional studies, many of which have not reached widespread public awareness. Without mainstream distribution channels, the book is in its 5th printing, has sold over 32,000 copies internationally, and is just recently gaining broad exposure. People are thirsty for this information. Unfortunately, most people read the same things over and over again about health and nutrition. They know the language. They have read the intimate details of how and why to eat low fat, and have read books or articles on how some "new vitamin" will cure a disease. Most people assume that if they know these things, they then know a lot about health and nutrition. What they are really learning are fads, trends, and bold-faced lies. The microbites of true nutritional information are buried underneath these erroneous "health facts". So, how do you find these hidden facts? What do you need to know that plants your feet firmly in the truth, so that everything starts to become crystal clear? Going Back to the Basics of Human Health starts your voyage into the dark worlds of food, supplement, and medical politics. Hopefully, it will give you a new view of "high-tech" as it is applied to your health. Mankind, through science, has developed rockets that take us to the moon, telescopes that can see Mars, magnetic resonating devices that can see inside the human body, computers, and all sorts of gadgets that have totally changed the way we live. So the assumption is made that the same scientific care that is taken in getting a rocket off the ground has been taken and is being taken in keeping us well. Not so! Very few people are truly well. The news media has labeled it a health care crisis because the majority of people cannot pay their lifetime medical expenses... and no one else can either. We are led from one "new scientific breakthrough" to another, from one "new medical discovery" to another, and yet people are getting more and more sick. Millions of people suffer from indigestion, insomnia, depression, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, ADD, infertility, obesity, frequent colds that they can't get over, asthma, impotency, and hormonal problems, just to name a few. Most of what we see and hear is manipulated to wipe out our common sense and convince us that this is just the way it is. People become lulled into complacency when they should be outraged. How many people notice how prevalent being sick in our society really is? If they don't see it in the news over and over again, they figure that is just isn't so. But, many pertinent health issues do not make the front-page news because most journalists obtain their information from statements given to them by organizations or individuals that have vested interests. "Knowledge is Power" is an often quoted phrase. Being educated helps one make informed decisions about anything in life. One of the interesting things about Going Back to the Basics of Human Health is that the doctors quoted in the latter part of the book are themselves ignorant of the information in the first two-thirds of the book. By reading this book, you know more than most health professionals do today. By reading the suggested reading list, you will know more than you thought possible.

Amazon Sales Rank: #292045 in Books Published on: 1997-02-01 Original language: English Binding: Paperback 93 pages

Review "'Going Back to the Basics of Human Health' is now in its fourth printing. In review, this book takes some complicated issues that over the years have been shrouded in half-truths and unravels them in such a manner that the lay person can easily follow. We feel this book is a must for everyone to read if they truly want to start on the road to good health. A BEST SELLER for all nutritional buffs!" -International Foundation for Nutrition and Health -- Publisher Comments About the Author Mary Frost has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Texas, and a Master of Arts and Liberal Arts from St. Johns College. She has been actively involved in health and nutrition for more than 15 years, and brings her experience and studies to the fore as a nutritional journalist. Her goal is to help consumers make informed decisions concerning their health based on clear and concise information that is not widely disseminated. She does this in her book by exposing what she considers to be misinformation perpetrated by fads, trends and bold-faced lies. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. "And outraged is what we as a nation should be! But we are more concerned when a plane crashes because of the publicity than we are of the number of people dying from heart disease every year. Yet, there is a lot of human misery reflected in these frightening statistics, plus the billions of dollars involved in the health care needs these people require. Orthodox Medical Care spending is now estimated at $200 billion. In the attempt to protect themselves and their families from these frightening occurrences, Americans are changing their diets and are taking herbs and supplements. The money spent on the Alternative Health Industry is estimated at over $1 billion this past year. Over-the-counter vitamin sales are at $9 billion. This means that most people buy their vitamins from a store clerk!!! And yet, people are getting sicker. They pump vitamins and eat "right", but that does not seem to be the answer. They are still fatigued, still overweight, still fighting the cholesterol battle, etc..., etc..." (Anonymous Reviewer)

Most helpful customer reviews 29 of 29 people found the following review helpful. If You Find Truth Hard to Come By By Dr. Gary Farr As a practicing chiropractor and nutritionist for 20 years, I commonly find the majority of people confused about nutriton and diet. In an age where media and news provides false information, that's not surprising.People are walking time bombs! The majority of the public has no idea of what nutrition really should be, nor do they have any control over their eating habits.With the incidence of obesity and diabetes soaring in our population, I predict that in less than five years, we'll have one of the sickest populations, if not the sickest, on this planet.Mary Frost unravels the untruths, the half-truths and the hidden politics behind our sick society and arms you with facts that will change your thinking on what you put into your mouth.If you'd like a real basic book on nutrition that's easy to read and has TRUTHFUL information, this is it. Now in it's fifth printing, it's a book that you can't afford to miss.Get it today so that you don't become a statistic! 23 of 23 people found the following review helpful. Short, simple and to the point. By Mark A. Rocka Mary Frost doesn't waste time with meaningless filler or techno-babble. Going Back to the Basics of Human Health is packed with insightful knowledge about how the human body is designed to process the food we eat... and what that food is supposed to contain... in a short, easy to read layout.She compares today's foods with those that were available in the 1940's and 50's... citing that fruits and vegetables of today contain only a fraction of the nutrients that were available in the same foods only a few decades ago.Mary Frost uses layman terminology to describe an otherwise difficult relationship between our health and our food. For example, in a mere 4 paragraphs, she is able to debunk the myth of "good and bad" cholesterol and define the role cholesterol "actually" plays in our bodies... all in a manner that is completely understandable. She continues the debunking adventure by thoroughly explaining why low protein / high carbohydrate diets can't maintain optimum health and how they can actually lead to numerous problems when used over long periods of time.The book is short enough to read in one night, but packed with enough information that you'll want to read it again and again. I highly recommend Going Back to the Basics of Human Health by Mary Frost. 20 of 20 people found the following review helpful. What a Great Book By George Washington Mary Frost goes into soil depletion, pestiside and fungiside contamination and toxicity, pasturization, processed foods, fatty acids, vitamins, the FDA, and the importance of whole food supplements. Her book has an edge to it, but is well deserved and well needed. I agree with her that the public needs to wake up and smell the MTBE in our coffee. Good for her. I love this book and will recommend it to all of the people in my life, patients and students alike.Well Written with Intelligence and Compassion5 Stars All the Way! See all 11 customer reviews...