Nutricures: Foods & Supplements That Work with Your Body to Relieve Symptoms & Speed Healing

Among natural therapies, nutritional remedies—foods and supplements—remain the most popular choices by far. It’s easy to understand why: They’re readily available, easily affordable, and virtually free of side effects. But choosing the best remedy for a particular condition can be a challenge even for nutrition-minded consumers. Which is more effective, foods or supplements? What’s the proper dosage? Can certain nutrients negate each other or interfere with medications?NutriCures answers these and other questions as it reveals the most potent healing nutrients for a host of health concerns, including back pain, dry eyes, insomnia, psoriasis, and sinusitis. Turn to NutriCures for: • unbiased reporting of the "state of the science" in nutritional therapy• practical strategies for getting the most from healing foods and supplements• clear dosage instructions, plus vital information on possible nutrient-drug interactions 

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About the Author ALICE FEINSTEIN has been writing and editing health books for more than 20 years. PREVENTION is the #1 healthy lifestyle brand and the 15th largest magazine in the nation, with more than 11 million readers.

Most helpful customer reviews 7 of 7 people found the following review helpful. Informative and Well Researched By Dr. Susan Taylor Comprehensive and easy-to-use, Nutricures delivers information -- emphasizing foods and supplements--for the common conditions that arise during our life cycle. A complete food and supplement manual, utilizing scientific validation from experts in their prospective fields, this book is a valuable information guide for anyone interested in total health.It is also worth mentioning that this book is organized and written to make information accessible to both lay people as well as health care providers.The chapters are organized alphabetically and include nutrient prescriptions for conditions ranging from aging and attention deficit disorder to weight problems and wrinkles . . . with over 50 conditions identified in between. You also get information from over 50 leading experts in their perspective fields of practice and research. Alot of book for the money. A well done manual long overdue. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful. Excellent Resource for Everyday Health Care By D. Yost "Nutri-Cures" is a must-have resource for self care. It's an informative, well-written, and well-researched guide that tells you what to eat and what supplements to take to help avoid and treat the myriad health issues common today, such as diabetes, heart disease, celiac, cancer, and depression. The prescriptive advice on Alzheimer's disease is most interesting. It's the best book on food, supplements and disease to come out in years. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. good ideas for a healthier life By Lady Judith Lots of good ideas MOST of us need to be happier and healthier. A lot of good tips to help dump a lot of daily blues and stress just by eating better. JUST use your good sense and this book. See all 4 customer reviews...