Naturopathic Nutrition: A Guide to Nutrient-Rich Food & Nutritional Supplements for Optimum Health

From two leading authorities in naturopathic clinical nutrition comes this consumer-health and patient-care book, diagnosing the dangers of our modern low-fibre and high-carbohydrate diet, while prescribing an optimum diet of nutrient-rich food and supplements for better health. The authors identify the nutritional deficiencies and dependencies caused by our 'junk-food' diet that lead to malnutrition and other serious dietary diseases and disorders. They recommend a diet that is whole, alive, fresh, and varied, rather than processed, dead, stale, and monotonous. For individuals with nutrient deficiencies and dependencies, they recommend appropriate vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, and amino acid therapy.The book features a 12-step program for developing an individualised diet and a 30-page analysis of the nutrient content of common foods. This collaboration between Dr Abram Hoffer (MD) and Dr Jonathan Prousky (ND) offers a unique complementary and alternative approach to good nutrition.

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About the Author Dr. Abram Hoffer is a founding father of the complementary and alternative health movement. His pioneering research in vitamin B-3 and vitamin C therapy for diseases and disorders inspired Nobel laureate Linus Pauling to publish his ground-breaking Vitamin C and the Common Cold and How to Live Longer and Feel Better. Dr. Jonathan Prousky is Asst. Prof. of Clinical Nutrition and Chief Medical Officer at The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. He graduated from Bastyr U. in Seattle and completed his training at National Naturopathic College in Portland, Oregon.

Most helpful customer reviews 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful. Great for reference, or to sit down and read. By AE I picked this book up at the library thinking I might have a skim or two over it, but found it so interesting I've actually read it cover to cover. The authors write in clear tone and voice, simple language, and break each chapter up into multiple sections. I do plan on buying it now, and I think it will be very handy for reference.Some of the information presented can be a bit redundant, but in general this is an excellent introduction to the nutrition from a naturopathic perspective, and indeed the naturopathic movement as a whole (since it is so focused on preventative care). There are many specific examples in each chapter of patients', whom either of the authors have seen, experiences.I didn't pick this book up to diagnose myself of any condition, or to treat anything in particular, but I have taken the advice of the book and implemented a few changes to my diet and supplementation habits. I am already a very clean eater, and a believer in naturopathic medicine, yet I found plenty of things I need to work on. I am now taking a B complex vitamin daily, and have seen my energy increase and my appetite decrease. I have also started taking ECPO (enteric coated peppermint oil) after eating large meals or potentially problematic foods, and have had good experiences so far with that.Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to make some changes to their own eating patterns, or anyone who is looking to broaden their knowledge of the naturpathic movement. See all 1 customer reviews...