Pharmacy Law: Textbook & Review

A concise review of pharmacy law -- ideal for coursework and MPJE® exam prep! This accessible, real-world guide gets you ready for the practice of pharmacy, while giving you the proper training to be compliant with the law. To that end, the book expertly covers relevant laws, rules, and regulations, and it highlights the distinctions between state and federal law where appropriate. In no other reference can you find such a succinct, yet thorough, review of the full range of federal pharmacy laws, including the Controlled Substances Act; the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act; the new Dietary Supplement Health Education Act; the FDA Modernization Act; and the Medicare Modernization Act. Features:

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Review "...this book offers concise information and a CD of practice test questions, a great tool for preparing for the boards. 3 Stars."--Doody's Review Service (Doody's ) About the Author Debra B. Feinberg, RPh, BS Pharm, JD Executive Director New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists Associate Adjunct Professor, Jurisprudence Albany College of Pharmacy Albany, NY

Most helpful customer reviews 9 of 9 people found the following review helpful. OK study guide for MPJE but misinformation and some errors on sample questions By Coopsmama I have been using this book and the Reiss/Hall pharmacy law book and have to say, this one was not as useful. The questions in the back are not really similar to the kind of questions you get on the MPJE (in my opinion) and there was an entire section in the CSA section that was completely contradictory to the information on the DEA's website...for example, this book says that oral prescriptions are permitted for schedules III-V ONLY in emergency situations...then goes on to cover the same thing that CII oral "emergency" prescriptions require. When I looked this up in the other book and on the DEA's website of prescription requirements, it is stated that all III-V substances may be communicated orally, in writing, or by facsimile to a pharmacist, and may be refilled if so authorized on the Rx or call-in, without the stipulation of an "emergency situation." Due to this type of misinformation I would not recommend the book to anyone. They even have some answers in the back that are completely incorrect. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful. I did not feel prepared By B. R. Riesch Well, after reading this book (some sections more than once), and taking numerous practice exams on the accompanying cd (and passing them consistently), I took the MPJE. I am not sure, but I doubt I passed. While the book was quite readable, and better than nothing, there are errors and omissions. Some exam questions were clearly incorrectly graded. Some info in the book was clearly wrong, and answering questions on the MPJE based on erroneous information is a dangerous thing. There may be errors beyond the ones I was able to identify myself, and these errors may have cost me points (I need EVERY one!!!!). Assuming I failed, I have ordered and will read the Barry Reiss book next and try again. 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful. Good Review By Lisa I thought this was a really good review of federal law. The quiz questions were really helpful. I just studied this and the FAQs on my state's board of pharmacy and passed MPJE with a 91. See all 4 customer reviews...