Better Bones, Better Body : Beyond Estrogen and Calcium

Challenging traditional assumptions that estrogen and calcium deficiencies are the only causes of osteoporosis, this book explores the disorder from a wider perspective that includes lifestyle and exercise. This newly revised second edition features a personal osteoporosis risk assessment questionnaire and a step-by-step program for strengthening bones and improving overall health and well-being.

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About the Author Susan E. Brown, Ph.D., a medical anthropologist and certified nutritionist, directs the Osteoporosis Education Project/Nutrition Education Consulting Services.

Most helpful customer reviews 159 of 160 people found the following review helpful. Better Bones, Better Body: Beyond Estrogen and Calcium By A Customer Dr. Susan Brown is an anthropologist who notes dietary and lifestyle differences in Western countries, which exhibit widespread osteoporosis, and Asian countries, where this disease and various problems (including menopausal discomforts) seem rare. She emphasizes that osteoporosis is not a normal aging process nor a strictly female malady. She explains that the building and breakdown of bone is a continual process intimately related to many body processes. She lucidly details the mechanisms of this "bone remodeling." She discusses risk factors for osteoporosis: heredity, body type, sedentary lifestyle, SAD (Standard American Diet), endocrine imbalances, and hormonal disturbances (abetted by tubal ligation, hysterectomy, ovarectomy). Brown notes early signs of trouble in small items like weak fingernails, irregular periods, excessive plaque formation, leg cramps at night, lower back pain. She advocates various modalities to reverse osteoporosis by whole body approaches involving maximizing nutrient intake, strenghtening the disgestive system, and developing an alkaline diet. She cites specific studies on progesterone (Dr. John Lee) and nutritional supplements (Dr. Guy Abraham) and exercise (Dr. Dalsky). This book is clear enough for the layman with ample references for the professional. The book gives you insight to what is happening inside your body and how you can take steps to stop or reverse osteoporosis. Dr. Brown's "whole body balance" approach will have you stepping out, enjoying veggies, and learning about soy and progesterone on the way to stronger bones. 80 of 80 people found the following review helpful. Buy it. Read it. Regain your life. By A.D. Thump I purchased this book because five doctors, one who was a Bone Specialist in a revered Boston hospital, first told me my osteoporosis was arthritis, and when I (not them) insisted on a bone scan, the diagnosis changed, and they told me, "learn to live with it. Look how old you are," followed by a kind smile, pat on the forearm, and perscription for Fosamax, which is a drug that should not be taken with your eyes closed. Your bone density will remain the same, but the drug always leads to more brittle bones and it blocks your body's ability to rebuild bone 100%. Within two and a half weeks, the drug gave me shocking side effects, and I was told, "that can't be from Fosamax," an answer that was condescending, cavalier, and WRONG. I was in my late fifties, unable to walk without painful limping, or remain upright more than four hours at a time. Desperate, I surfed the internet for information, and found many sources, including this miracle book. I discovered that my myriad symptoms were all bone related (headaches, gall stones, kidney stones, leg cramps, joint pain, bone pain, etc.) and not one of those doctors knew it, or at least did not acknowledge the condition. My diet was always healthy, but now it is mega bone healthy, which includes foods I never would have guessed (a tiny example: yams, watermelon - yes. Cheese - not necessarily.) That along with changing when I eat (suggested in the book) and accupuncture for bone pain, has restored my vitality, and allowed me to reclaim a productive future. Amen. 53 of 54 people found the following review helpful. Full of Hope By A Customer I felt pretty "down" after receiving a diagnosis of osteoporosis. After reading this book from cover to cover I realize all the things I should have been doing--and not doing. I liked the clear explanations about supplements, alkaline diet, and weight bearing exercise. I'm following the directions, and I'm full of hope. Also I'm ordering four more copies to give to my daughters and daughters-in-law. I want them to avoid that dreaded diagnosis.KCT. Florida See all 11 customer reviews...